Friday, September 24, 2010

Choosing accessories for automobile

Choosing accessories for the car you would not be difficult for car lovers; you'll easily say what accessories with detail. The car is a wheeled vehicle carrying four or more of their own machine. Compared if you are using a motor, using car is much safer to travel far. But you should know that a car accident almost as old as the car itself. Cars have two basic safety problems: They have drivers who often make mistakes and the loss of tire friction when braking close to half-of gravity.

Types of cars there are two types of racing cars and cars daily, the name certainly can be ascertained both types of cars should have different accessories. Not only different accessories engine structure must also be different. In racing cars that have changed many aspects of the car standard conditions, and in driving it must have a special ability, although you can even advanced, driving a car, so should not be just anyone drive it, if not your own which will have an accident. Car accessories including engines, which in this engine will be divided again, this is the engine that runs the car until he could walk, aided by a motivator. Also an important brake on car accessories, this object will control your speed. Wheels and tires, steering, suspension, and interior equipment is also a car accessories that you can change-change according to your wishes.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GPS system in automobile

GPS (Global Positioning System) system in automobile is very practice. You can see map and direction where ever you drive your car. GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite navigation system developed by the United States Department of Defence. GPS allows us to know our geographical position (latitude, longitude, and altitude above sea level). So wherever we are on this earth, we can know exactly where we stand.

GPS working system can be divided several points, namely the first at the controls, each satellite can be a bit beyond the orbit, so that this part of the satellite orbit track, location, altitude, and speed. Extract the satellite signals received by the control section, corrected, and sent back to the satellite. Correction precise location data from the satellite ephemeris data is called, which will send it to our navigation equipment and in this case is GPS receiver installed on our car. By integrating the car real time position with map, we can see the position our car when we driving.

The second part of space, this section consists of a collection of satellites in earth orbit, about 12,000 miles above the earth's surface. Collection of satellites is arranged so that the navigation tool in our automobile at any time can receive signals from at least four satellites. These satellite signals can pass through clouds, glass, or plastic, but it can not pass through buildings or mountains. That is way when we driving in a clear space, our car can receive signals and from these satellites.